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September 1, 2016

Alanna S.

Alanna is a scheduler, (and clearly a little picture shy!)  She has been working for Energuy for a year and a half, and the path that brought her here was the one less paved.  (It’s a bit of an inside joke, as the parking lot at our office is not paved, and now you’re in on the joke! Yay for you!)  Her best friend is the one that got her into Energuy by forwarding her resume right to our office managers without Alanna knowing.

Since working at Energuy, Alanna has discovered that she can do more than she thought she could (“My multi-tasking stat would be Level 100!”) and appreciates the self discovery that she’s been able to achieve with the company.  She loves working here and despite a recent health problem, found that managers and coworkers were willing to work with her to get the time off that she needed.

“The people are amazing.  They’re all very understanding and equally concerned.”

As a scheduler, Alanna constantly faces time crunches, but she’s figured out a way to adapt is to take a step back, go for a bit of filtered air, and then come back to her desk with a clear head to get through her deadlines.

All in all, Alanna relies on her boyfriend and her husky to get through the days.  Their favourite activities are spending weekends not doing a single thing but cuddling and watching bad television.

While she doesn’t have any upcoming life events or hobbies, she is putting her name forward to Netflix for whatever reason sees this:

“I’m available as a professional couch surfer on the weekends and after 5pm PT! Call me!”

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