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July 6, 2018

Proof Of Service: Covering Yourself

As a homeowner, it’s nice to have a contractor that is willing to provide you with a tangible proof of service. It’s absolutely essential to obtain that concrete proof of service if you’re a facilities manager engaged in a balancing act between multiple facility locations.

Reputable HVAC contractors have nothing to hide and will supply you with evidence of the work performed. You should not settle for a contractor not willing to back up a job with proof of service. Let’s take a look at some service traits that you should look for when you are trying to find reputable HVAC contractors.

1. Reputable HVAC contractors are good communicators.

Effective communication has always been a standard operating procedure with reputable HVAC contractors and the digital age has provided an array of ways for HVAC contractors to communicate with clients, with everything from reminders about upcoming service visits to reports about aging equipment experiencing frequent repair issues.

Cell phones allow for quick communication; there’s no need to waste time going back to the office to call customers. Emails can be sent out just as quickly from a smart-phone. Various social media platforms are also available for message delivery. With the superior communication tools of today, there is no excuse for spotty communication.

2. Reputable HVAC contractors recognize the unique needs of multi-facility owners & managers.

Reputable HVAC contractors have experience dealing with companies that have multiple locations and appreciate the difficulties that come with running several different stores, restaurants, or buildings. HVAC contractors can to ease the logistical and organizational hurdles you face. How can the right HVAC contractor help you overcome HVAC maintenance challenges?

  • Dedicated account manager. Reputable HVAC contractors have adequate staffing to take care of your needs and provide you with an account manager dedicated to your HVAC maintenance. Having an account manager assigned to you facilitates an organized approach and eliminates confusion. You will have a single point of contact that will know the maintenance history at each of your locations.
  • Quarterly status reports. Reputable HVAC contractors will provide you with quarterly status reports. As a facilities manager and a non-expert in the HVAC field, you would be hard-pressed to guess what maintenance is on the horizon and the related expenses involved. The best HVAC contractors will meet with you quarterly to review HVAC operations at each location. Your HVAC vendor can show you system operational trends over the months or even years, and give you information to budget for upgrades and replacements.
  • Reminders and alerts. Reputable HVAC contractors will make you aware of when a maintenance visit is scheduled to take place at each location, which will enable you to be present if that’s what your comfort zone demands. Your HVAC contractor should know each one of your buildings inside and out and alert you if one of your locations seems to have more maintenance visits than others, which could signal impending equipment replacements. Vendors can also monitor energy efficiency at each one of your sites and make recommendations.

3. Reputable HVAC contractors are living in the electronic age.

HVAC contractors no longer rely on paper work orders, which would pile up on your desk or in your file cabinet. You no longer have to sift through a stack of work orders to try and figure out what services technicians performed at a single one of your locations. Reputable HVAC contractors outfit their technicians with mobile technology to transmit work orders on completion of each job.

Reputable HVAC contractors: the best of the best

A limited number of the top HVAC providers, like Arista Air, have taken communication to a whole other level by investing in cutting-edge technology that empowers their clients by bringing the service call to their client’s computer screen or smart device of their choice. Through its partnership with XOi Technologies, Arista Air provides its clients with this evidence-based service.

Outfitted with wearable recording technology that resembles safety glasses, Arista’s technicians video-document the main tasks performed on your HVAC system. After the job reaches completion, Arista provides you with a link to access your service call video.

This enhanced form of communication benefits all Arista’s clients and is especially valuable to clients, who have multiple facilities. As a manager of multiple locations, there are times when you probably wish you could clone yourself. Being in two places at once is not an option and Arista can supply you with an alternative. When you watch your service call video, you will get a bird’s eye view of the work performed, which provides the clarity that a phone call or work order cannot offer.

Proof eliminates guesswork

As a facilities manager, you undoubtedly would welcome tools that can ease the pressure of running multiple locations and ultimately provide you with the best HVAC service.

Originally posted by Arist Air.

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