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Dream. Create. Execute. Dominate.

Think big, really big; keep your eyes open for opportunities; plan accordingly and follow through; prevail.

We are a team with over 250,000 home energy assessments under our belts

Since 2003, Energuy has been in the business of making the world a little greener through energy efficiency evaluations and home upgrade programs. We are an expanding team of government certified Home Energy Advisors providing services on Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

We are Government Certified Home Energy Advisors

Our Commitment to Communities

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Kono Project, Sierra Leone

New and improved safe water sources for Sierra Leone.

Energuy partners with World Vision Canada to help communities in the Kono region of Sierra Leone. The project ensures communities have access to dependable, year-round sources of clean water that will dramatically improve the health of children and adults, and help families grow vegetables that will increase both food and income security.

What is Kono Project About?

In the developing world, millions of people have no choice but to draw their water from the only source available to them – often polluted wells, lakes, streams, or stagnant ponds. The same water is shared with animals for bathing, washing and drinking. In most instances, the water is filled with unseen parasites that cause painful, and often deadly diseases, such as chronic diarrhea or cholera. This has been true for many living in Sierra Leone.

What was the commitment of Energuy

Energuy Canada Ltd., recognized the need in Sierra Leone and your gift of water is improving the overall health and well-being of families in Kono. With access to clean water, community members, especially children, will no longer have to endure chronic waterborne and water-related diseases. Access to a year-round supply of water will also allow families to grow vegetables throughout the year and increase both food and income security.

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Fab Golf Tournament

Helping young girls become strong women.

Every year Energuy partners for Canada and the US joined forces to golf for FAB, an organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty for young females through health, self-appreciation, and an active lifestyle.

About Fit Active Beautiful (FAB) Foundation

Fit Active Beautiful (FAB) Foundation was started in 2009 to inspire youth girls to dream
big and live big by developing their life skills and confidence through a free and
empowering running program.

  • Their passion: helping young girls become strong women
  • Their focus: reaching young girls in Hamilton’s low-income communities
  • Their goal: to inspire young girls to dream big and live big
  • Their strategy: to build young girls’ goal-setting skills and self-confidence
  • Their vehicle: FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program

The FAB Girls 5K Challenge program is a 12-week running program that challenges
youth girls in grades 6- 8 living in lower income communities in Hamilton to train for and
complete a 5 km run. Participants, also known as FAB girls, meet once a week with
volunteer coaches to take part in program related activities that support the
development of goal setting skills, physical literacy, self-confidence and supportive
relationships with coaches and peers. FAB girls complete the program full of pride,
confidence and most importantly, armed with a goal-setting framework they can use to
pursue any future goal.
In addition to the program being free, FAB also provides each FAB girl with a new pair
of running shoes, a running shirt, healthy snacks at each session, a goal setting journal,
and transportation and entry into 3 community running events.
The program runs from March to June concurrently in multiple communities throughout
Hamilton. In 2022, FAB is returning to an in-person program with a goal of 150 FAB
girls at 10 locations support by 35-40 volunteer coaches.
For more information, check them out at www.iamfab.ca

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