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The Energuy’s team of expert HERS Raters are located throughout California. Our head office houses our administration staff and our call center. It’s the hub of our business, keeping our Energy Raters, and your projects, on schedule in real-time.

Our goal is to streamline the paperwork and admin tasks that you have to deal with in your home retrofit jobs. We’ve created the Best Online Scheduling Software or BOSS system, to reduce the amount of time and effort you have to spend on work that takes your crews out of the field.

Title 24 Paperwork Made Fast and Simple

The bigger your business grows, the more challenging scheduling and administration becomes. That’s where we come in. We have developed simple online procedures that take the pain out of paperwork. BOSS is available online from your computer, or as an app on your mobile device, and we are connecting it to major pieces of testing equipment as smart controls are included. So testing results are directly uploaded to the record of each job. You can see all the information about any job online, in real-time. 

We take care of the following from start to finish: 

Our job at Energuy is to make your home performance contractor business more successful. That’s our goal, our mission, and the key to our own success and growth. Annually, we carry out over 10,000 home visits and pull thousands of permits for over a hundred contractors.

Improve your home performance and retrofit bottom line with confidence in our commitment to your business’ success.

We want your business and your success comes first. That’s why we have developed a Code of Conduct for our raters and admin staff: 

  • Your customer is important to us: we will be prompt, courteous and professional.

  • You are our client: if we find an issue on site, we call you, first.

  • Your business success is important: we offer guidance on ways to improve your pass rate.

  • Your time is valuable: we streamline complicated scheduling and admin processes for use in the field.

  • Your confidence is key: our online services are transparent and you can see all information on all jobs at all times.

Contact us or call 1.877.600.0123 today to learn more about streamlining your scheduling and paperwork with Energuy.

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BOSS Online Scheduling

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At Energuy, we know how important your time is, and how crucial scheduling is to your bottom line. California’s Title 24 and other home performance and energy retrofit programs require paperwork and scheduling of assessments and testing. The more jobs you have, the more time your install manager or coordinator needs to spend juggling schedules and making sure paperwork is filled out properly, submitted on time, and testing is completed.

We feel your pain, and we’ve found a remedy!