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Berkeley's Building Energy Saving Ordinance replaced the Residential and Commercial Energy Conservation Ordinances in December 2015. This ordinance (Berkeley Municipal Code 19.81) requires all building owners in Berkeley to complete energy efficiency assessments and to report the information publicly. BESO is required prior the sale of any house and most other buildings.

The Energuy team has been trained to complete the assessments and generate the reports needed for Berkeley’s BESO.

The goal of the BESO is to help building owners save energy by taking part in whole-building energy conservation incentive programs like Energy Upgrade California. Energy Assessments are carried out by certified HERS raters, who make recommendations and link building owners to incentive programs like the ones listed below:

If you are a building owner or a contractor working in Berkeley, we can help! Contact us or call 1.877.600.0123 today.

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