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Energy Upgrade California provides information on energy efficiency, and how to get it. The Energuy is a qualified rater for the program.

We Start with an Energy Assessment

An energy assessment is the first thing on the to-do list for the Home Upgrade Program. A comprehensive assessment, as offered by Energuy, looks at the whole house, the safety of the gas fired equipment/appliances, and the best options for energy efficiency improvements for the home to:

  • Improve comfort and indoor air quality

  • Reduce energy use

  • Lower utility costs

  • Increase home value

Assisting with the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program

The Home Upgrade Program allows homeowners to bundle several energy efficiency improvements for maximum savings. Eligible home energy efficiency improvements must include a  minimum of three upgrades, one Base Measure plus two (or more) Base or Flex measures (see lists below) to qualify.

Base Measures:

  • Duct sealing

  • Duct replacement

  • Whole building air sealing

  • Attic insulation and air sealing

Flex Measures:

  • Wall insulation

  • Floor insulation

  • Duct insulation

  • Furnace

  • Air conditioner

  • Gas storage water heater

  • Gas on-demand water heater

  • Electric storage water heater

  • Energy-efficient windows

Energuy works with homeowners to determine which of the two Home Upgrade Program options are best for the house and the homeowner: Home upgrade Program (Minimum requirements of 3 qualifying measures) or Advanced home Upgrade Program (Minimum requirements of 10% energy savings).

For Example, the Home Upgrade Program for single-family homes built before 2001 offers anywhere from $1000 - $2500, and the Advanced Home upgrade Program for single-family homes of any year, offers up to $5500 in incentives. Home Upgrades are eligible for financial assistance from several programs. Energy efficiency financing programs are also available to help homeowners pay for the improvements.

At Energuy, our focus is to determine the improvements that are best for the home, fill out necessary paperwork (including incentive and rebate forms), and conduct safety compliance checks.

We work with contractors to ensure the work is carried out in a timely fashion. Scheduling the improvement measures becomes a breeze with our BOSS scheduling tool!


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BOSS Online Scheduling

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At Energuy, we know how important your time is, and how crucial scheduling is to your bottom line. California’s Title 24 and other home performance and energy retrofit programs require paperwork and scheduling of assessments and testing. The more jobs you have, the more time your install manager or coordinator needs to spend juggling schedules and making sure paperwork is filled out properly, submitted on time, and testing is completed.

We feel your pain, and we’ve found a remedy!