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Energuy is a participating rater with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Home Performance Program (HPP). We conduct a comprehensive energy assessment of the home and prepare an upgrade plan and work with home performance contractors to get the work done.

Our goal is to make home performance contractor’s businesses more successful through streamlining the process.

Our expertise is in building science and sorting out the best upgrades for the homeowner. This is a key feature of our assessment process, as to be eligible for the HPP program, upgrades must be part of an overall plan for energy efficiency improvement. There is a bonus for projects with more than five measures combined. Measures that would qualify for the bonus include:

  • Air Sealing

  • Attic Insulation

  • Wall Insulation

  • Crawlspace Insulation

  • Window Replacement

  • HVAC Replacement

  • Ducts

  • Whole-House Fan

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Domestic Hot Water Replacement

  • Pool Pump

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Electric Vehicle Readiness

Depending on the upgrades, homeowners can get up to $5,000 in rebates for a gas heated home, or $8,000 for a home with electric heating. Participating customers see average annual electricity savings of about 15%.

How Energuy Helps with the SMUD Home Performance Program

When you work with Energuy, we make sure all the details fall into place seamlessly.

We make sure the upgrade plan is eligible for the HPP, fill out all the forms and submit all the rebate paperwork on your behalf. SMUD also offers financing, and other incentives may be available from the local gas utility provider. Financing and incentive options are available.

Our BOSS scheduling system keeps track of all of the steps of all of your home performance and energy efficiency improvement jobs in one place. Our system allows you, the home performance contractor, to focus on making more homes energy efficient. We know that time is money and nobody should be spending it on scheduling!


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BOSS Online Scheduling

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At Energuy, we know how important your time is, and how crucial scheduling is to your bottom line. California’s Title 24 and other home performance and energy retrofit programs require paperwork and scheduling of assessments and testing. The more jobs you have, the more time your install manager or coordinator needs to spend juggling schedules and making sure paperwork is filled out properly, submitted on time, and testing is completed.

We feel your pain, and we’ve found a remedy!