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HERS Raters

Partner with Energuy’s certified Home Energy Raters.

With an ever-growing team of certified raters covering every city in California 6 days a week – we’ve got our contractors covered. Our HERS Raters and BPI Analysts are top notch, treating each job with an ethical and solution oriented approach, ensuring excellent customer service every step of the way.

Our team has effectively carried out Title 24 inspections, Rebate jobs, Energy Audits, permits and Whole Home Ratings since 2003 throughout Canada and California.

What does a third party verification mean?

The Energuy team has been performing professional and courteous HERS Ratings since 2003. You can be sure our scheduling team and our Raters will treat your customer just like you would.

Not every test turns out perfectly! In the case of a test not meeting target, Energuy HERS Raters always make sure to keep testing results confidential while on site. We will always inform you first and leave it to you to discuss testing results with your customer should any corrections be needed.

What are the benefits of HERS testing?

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With Energuy there are no limits; no territory too large, no number of jobs too many or too complex. From Title 24 to rebates, to permits and final inspections – we’ve got your back, no matter where you go!

What does HERS verification include?

There are 3 common test that we perform during a HERS inspection:

Duct Leakage Testing, Air Flow Verification, Refrigerant Charge Verification. Each home if different so not all tests will be performed every time. It is also possible that some jobs will be exempt for; asbestos, work performed, or equipment installed. Once you enter your scope of work into our online portal, we’ll advise you on requirements from there and ensure your customer knows what to expect.

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Energuy is a Gold Star BPI Certified Company. Our team members go through stringent training to become Certified HERS Raters and BPI Professionals in order to provide a robust standard for our work and customer service.

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